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Mortality Coverage
All American Horse Insurance Agency offers a mortality program designed to fit many needs. The equine mortality policy will cover death as a result of injury, illness, humane destruction, and transportation anywhere in the continental U.S.A. and Canada. This also includes theft. Some of our carriers automatically include coverage for Emergency Colic Surgery. Optional coverage includes the following: Major Medical/ Surgical, Stallion Infertility, Loss of Use, Third Party Liability, and Transit coverage (shipping to/ from another country). Most European countries are okay.
Ask us which carrier has the best rates for your needs.

Horses will be insured for current market value. Newly acquired horses will be insured for purchase price only. As the horse is trained, shown or competed successfully, or at policy renewal, we will consider value substantion to increase the insured amount.  ½ of training costs will usually be allowed towards value. Shipping cost does not count towards value. Keep your bill of sale, stud fees, show records, etc. handy. You may be asked to provide these items in the event of a claim. You will need to complete a value substantion/ justification of value form to request an increase of insured value.
Please allow 10-day notice when gelding a stallion.
Except for foals, horses date of birth is considered January 1 of the birth year. Horses age 15 years and up will have higher rates.
Insured Broodmares coverage does not include unborn or new foals. Foals need their own policy if coverage is desired. Foals must be 24 hours old to insure.
All horses with halter bloodlines must be disclosed and will be rated accordingly, including foals. All prior health problems must be disclosed, and may be excluded from coverage. Please complete a health condition form. (Including hypp status: QH, Appy, Paint). The underwriting company will make the final decision. Any accident, sickness, or disease occurring during the policy period may be excluded for the next policy period, per carrier’s evaluation. Each policy stands alone from year to year. Any health conditions may be considered pre-existing for the next year’s policy.

To obtain a mortality policy, please submit a mortality application, statement of health, and in some cases, a vet certificate or other forms as required by Insurance Carriers. Forms are all available on this website. Click on your preferred carrier to obtain all forms. We will also need payment. Ask your agent about payment plan options.

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