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West Nile  

 What is the West Nile Virus? It is a virus transmitted through the bite of a mosquito. Mosquitoes become infected when they feed on infected birds (most commonly crows, hawks, and blue jays) that have high levels of West Nile Virus in their blood. Infected mosquitoes then transmit the Virus when they feed on humans or animals. The disease has been confirmed in humans, birds, and horses. Many of the human victims do not show any symptoms. Horses can become ill from West Nile virus, but no evidence suggests they can transmit it to other horses or to humans. There is no evidence to suggest that WNV can be spread through casual contact such as touching or kissing a person with the virus or by handling an animal with the virus, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). But public health officials are concerned that WNV may spread from person to person by other means.
There is a vaccine than can be purchased and administered by a veterinarian.

Can I get it from a bird?
You cannot get WNV directly from a bird. Birds are virus reservoirs. A common chain of events would be for a bird to get bitten by a mosquito carrying WNV. The bird would then become a carrier of the virus, however the bird itself would not be infectious to humans. When another mosquito bites that same bird, the mosquito will now be infectious. If this mosquito bites a human, the human could be infected.
However, if you do find a dead bird you should only touch it with gloved hands. You will not get WNV from the bird but the bird could have had other diseases or parasites. Caution should be taken.