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Our Company

All American Horse Insurance Agency has programs designed to fit most equine needs. We take time with every customer to make sure you get the best coverage for your money. With every quote and upon renewal, we will send you an application for the best carrier to fit your needs. We take pride in having excellent rates. We continuously look for enhanced coverage and superior rates. Most of our applications are available on our website.
All American Horse Insurance was Founded by Dedicated Horse Owners and Breeders of over 40 years. The true Love of Horses and the Desire to Offer Reliable, Honest, Coverage and Protect other Horse Owners/Enthusiasts, led to the Establishment of All American Horse Insurance.

Our Agents are Horse-Oriented. They are Knowledgeable in both the Horse Industry and the Insurance Industry. We specialize in Equine Insurance.

All American Horse Insurance is dedicated to providing Excellent Rates and Customer Service. We are always striving to provide a wide range of Equine Related Insurance Coverage. We want all our clients to be happy and satisfied with our service.

What We Offer

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  • Equine Mortality, Major Medical/ Surgical, Loss of Use, International Travel
  • Trail Rides, Pony Rides, Horse Drawn Vehicles, Equine Camps, Horse Clubs
  • Rodeos, Horse Shows, Special Events, One-Time and Short-Term Events
  • Hard to Find: Mechanical Bulls, Equine Therapy, Stock Contractors, Vendors
  • Horse Trainers, Riding Instructors, Campgrounds, Horse Sales, Arenas
  • Non-Equine: Sports Events, Bounce Houses, Kiddie Trains, And More