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About Us


All American Horse Insurance was founded by dedicated horse owners and breeders of over 50 years. The true love of horses and the desire to offer reliable, honest coverage and protect other horse owners/enthusiasts, led to the establishment of All American Horse Insurance in 2000.


Our agents are horse-oriented and knowledgeable in both the horse industry and the insurance industry. We specialize in Equine Insurance, but as we've grown in size, we've expanded into more insurance markets, and now offer nationwide coverage for nearly any exposure! Check out our Additional Products page to learn more.


All American is dedicated to providing excellent rates and customer service second to none. We are always striving to provide a wide range of Equine Related Insurance Coverage. Maintaining high client satisfaction and happiness is our #1 goal.

Meet The Team



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Co-Owner/Customer Service Manager



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Co-Owner/Accounts Manager/




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Marketing Coordinator/Accounts Assistant

Linda is a Co-Owner and Customer Service Manager at All American. She oversees customer questions and maintaining customer satisfaction.

With a background that includes experience working for veterinarian clinics and insurance companies, Linda has learned the necessity of being customer focused. With an approachable personality and strong communication skills, she helps answer client’s questions and strives to meet their expectations.

Linda believes passion in the workplace is key to success – a belief she lives through her passion for horsemanship. When she was 16, rather than purchasing a car with the money she’d saved, Linda bought a horse. This early love of horses has led her to enjoy countless weekends horseback riding in the mountains, an activity she continues to this day.


Karrie is a Co-Owner, Accounts Manager, and Agent at All American. She manages and maintains account information and performs agent duties on policies purchased.

After attending The University of Texas, Karrie soon realized she had the enthusiasm needed to be an entrepreneur. Following the establishment of All American Horse Insurance in 2000, Karrie took on the responsibilities needed to help All American thrive. Having a solid understanding of client needs, Karrie implements her organizational and time management skills by managing account information.

Being a mother, Karrie demonstrates her proficiency in leadership, problem-solving capabilities, and teamwork on a daily basis, both in and out of the office! Becoming involved with horses by the time she could walk, Karrie quickly fell in love with animals and has owned horses since that day. In her spare time, Karrie spends time with her family in the outdoors doing activities that range from camping to boating on the lake.


Dakota is a Marketing Coordinator and Accounts Assistant at All American. He helps in account administration and carries out the tasks associated to marketing.

Dakota studied at Utah Valley University where he learned tech related skills, business administration and marketing strategies. With excellent communication skills and a creative mind, Dakota works to improve brand awareness and customer engagement. He also spends time assisting in account administration to ensure smooth day to day operations.

Dakota views persistence and determination to be important in the workplace, and outside of work is no different. He implements these tenets through his interests in hiking, fitness, and photography. Whether it be the top of a mountain lake before sunrise or a national park in the middle of the night, Dakota spends his free time looking for that perfect shot.

Our Mission


We believe insurance should be available at an affordable cost, so that's what we do! Dedicated to providing excellent rates and unparalleled service, we strive to provide a wide range of insurance coverage at prices you'll love. We want all our clients to be happy and satisfied with our service.


We take time with every customer to make sure you get the best coverage for your money. With every quote and upon renewal, we will send you an application for the carrier that best fits your needs. We take pride in having exceptional rates and continually look for enhanced coverage for our customers.

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