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Special thanks to everybody below, who have contributed to the amazing photographs and artwork found on this website! Follow the links below if you're interested in the following:

  • Adeline Halvorson - Accomplished artist that paints farm animals, especially horses

Click to view her website      

  • Christy Burleson - Exceptional photographer that does shoots all around the world.

Click to view her website      

  • Gunstock Ranch - Trail rides, Off-Road Tours, & Eco-Tours on the island of Oahu, Hawaii.

Click to view their website                ​

  • Mike & Annette Costello of Fawn Hollow Dressage LLC - Dressage clinics, lessons, and boarding in Florida.

Click to view Fawn Hollow's Facebook page​                Fawn Hollow Dressage

  • PNW Gypsy Cobs - Farm dedicated to breeding and promoting some of the finest Gypsy Cobs around.​​​​​

Click to view their website​      

  • SD Farm - Farm committed to preserving the traditional Gypsy Cob looks.

Click to view their website      

  • Equine Info Exchange - Equine Info Exchange, The Source for Everything Equine.

Click to view their website      

Horses at the gate
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